We are Lauschner® Lichtwerbung and we love brands.

We live for illuminated signage. We love brands.

Meaningful illuminated signage done by experts.

As a manufacturer of illuminated advertising products, our primary interest is to make your advertising presence stand out as much as possible. Signage and guidance systems must be visible from far away, easy to understand and energy efficient.

Passion for illuminated signage.

Be it individual letters, special constructions or large advertising structures. As a manufacturer of illuminated signage, we are particularly interested in making your advertising presence as impressive as possible.

Quality standard.

Everything made in Germany.

Authentic LAUSCHNER® illuminated signage provides you with top quality in accordance with the highest standards, existing regulations and laws.

Lauschner® Lichtwerbung.

We are illuminated signage

Illuminated advertising by LAUSCHNER®, a company based in Nuremberg, combines years of experience in the manufacture of illuminated advertising with being one step ahead of current trends at all times. We see illuminated advertising as a service that goes far beyond the mere production of illuminated signs of any kind.


Our services.

Everything for illuminated signage from a single source.

In addition to our expertise, we also offer you a number of high quality products that are all "Made In Germany"..

We are a certified specialist company with many years of experience.


Our advertising structures are manufactured in accordance with DIN 1090-2 (steel structures) and DIN 1090-3 (aluminium structures) and meet state building regulations for installing illuminated signage.

ISO 9001 DIN 1090

Useful and current information.

Here you will find the latest news on Lauschner Lichtwerbung and information on the illuminated signage industry.

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Signage on a major scale.

With the number of tenants increasing at the 40,000 m² site occupied by the Sirius Business Park in Bayreuth, it was decided that all companies based...

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