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L’Osteria – Europe-wide.

A restaurant chain in pursuit of perfection

Anyone who visits a L’Osteria will surely notice that planners with a real eye for detail have been at work – from the lamps to the floor coverings, everything has been carefully thought through.

And we showed this same passion for detail when we developed the design for the projecting sign. The result is a double-sided Profile 1 translucent sign with an illuminated logo cut into the surface with a shallow background. The entire body is painted in DB703 (micaceous iron oxide) and decorated with a gold-painted frame. The special feature of this projecting sign is the luminous acrylic glass profile. The combination of the special shape, the elegant colours, and the lighting around the frame make the advertising installation a real eye-catcher. The fact the lighting for the frame is different from the lettering creates an additional effect.

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