Consultation & Planning.

From the idea to the concept.

Good planning is essential.

As a supplier of illuminated advertising products, we see our products as part of an overall strategy in order to increase the advertising appeal of our customers. How can light design help contribute to this?

It’s actually quite simple: by specifically meeting your requirements. In order to determine these requirements, we will discuss with you the aim, background and idea behind the project. Illuminated advertising means much more than just advertising with light.

Green light for energy efficiency and budgetary discipline.

For us, consultation means offering you the best possible options without exceeding the limits of your budget. In addition to creating billboards, this also includes taking into account any ecological guidelines as well. In terms of illuminated signs, energy efficiency already plays a key role in sustainable project planning.

During the consultation phase, we will inform you about any details that should be included in the budget planning, such as guidelines and requirements, state of the art etc. We will assist you with any queries regarding production options in issues of metal and plastic processing, lighting technologies and illumination using LEDs in particular.

Intelligent illuminated advertising requires a holistic approach that we are able to offer you both as a consultant and as a supplier.

Do you have any questions?

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Do you have any questions about our products, the company or about your project?